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Buying A Used Bus

Posted at 11:11 pm in Bus Buying  Comment First!

Used Bus Buyer, A Buying Guide For Used Motor Coaches.

Buying a Used Bus Itinerary

    Important Topics To Consider When Buying A Used Bus, Used Motor Coach Pre Purchase Itinerary.

  • Where is the bus currently located?
  • Though it may seem strange to begin here, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of purchasing a used bus is where the bus currently sits.
  • Does this used bus run?
  • Can we drive it home? That’s the next question up. There is certainly a convenience in purchasing a working bus, certainly one that can make the drive from the sales lot to its new home.
  • What is the Exterior Condition of the Bus?
  • Upon your first examination of the used bus you’re interested in, whether it was at a lot, or on the internet, no doubt you have seen the exterior. If you are checking out pictures online, ask for high resolution photo images. If you are going to see the bus in person, pay attention to the condition of the bus. Another commonly overlooked consideration is the amount of rust that has built up on the undercarriage of the bus. Usually this is only a concern on the east coast but it’s never bad to be good, so get under there and check it out.
  • What does the Interior of the Bus look like?
  • When examining the interior of a used bus you’re look for traffic. Was this a commercially used bus? If so then there is a solid chance that people have been in and out more than you can imagine and not only fabrics can be worn, but exaimine the floors, windows, actual seats, seatbelts, electrical devices or accessories and make sure these things function. Keep in mind that everything that doesn’t work may come out of your pocket down the road.
  • What is the condition of the bus’s Electrical Systems?
  • This is really an impossible question to completely educate anyone on in a few short sentences, as such I will dedicate posts in the future to the various aspects of the electrical system that you can check on the spot and what you need to pay attention to as the most commonly overlooked. Sufficed to say that you are probably out to buy a running (operational) bus. Use your head at this stage and check the big things. Have the owner show you the engine, etc. Check for obvious damage, even if you don’t have a lot of mechanical training you can probably spot rust or obvious excessive damage to any electrical device. Good rule of thumb, if it looks like it was made 50 years prior to the manufactured date, maybe skip this used bus and check out the next one. Another quick suggestion, make sure the air conditioning and heating work on the bus, right? If these things are important to you then make certain you ask these questions at the very least. Many used buses have the fatal flaw of broken air conditioning systems and this can be a hefty expense for the unsuspecting new comer to the world of used buses for sale.
  • Used Bus Paperwork, What documentation can you acquire for the used bus in question?
  • On many occasions in can be difficult to get your hands on and documentation for a used vehicle, especially used buses. Never the less, be diligent in your questions and see what is available for the bus you are looking to buy. Are there service records? Can you get a vehicle history report with the bus’s VIN? Is the bus currently titled to the person or dealership you are buying the bus from? Getting all these questions answered and making certain these items are in order ahead of time can save you quite a bit of headaches if for some reason you get to the bus’s location and suddenly the deal falls through due to some crucial piece of missing paperwork.

One additional piece of advice would be this. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting a bus or speaking with the salesman about the bus, there are always alternate solutions. There are professionals in the industry who’s sole job is helping people find the bus / vehicle they are looking for at a reasonable price, they handle the sales people, & do all the research on your behalf. This is many times a wise decision and my advice for perhaps a church that doesn’t staff a mechanic and is unfamiliar with what may be going on with a particular used bus.

Questions about Buying a Used Bus

If you have questions about buying a used bus in general of even questions about a specific bus you are looking to buy right now, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to give an honest opinion on any bus.

Written by admin on March 16th, 2010

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