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Bluebird Wanderlodge For Sale, Bluebird Wanderlodge Bus, RV, Camper

Posted at 6:30 pm in BlueBird Bus  Comment First!

Discussing the Bluebird Wanderlodge For Sale, Bluebird Wanderlodge Bus, Bluebird Wanderlodge RV, & Bluebird Wanderlodge Camper that caught my interest recently as I was browsing the web for a friend of mind interested in a possible bus converion. The bluebird wanderlodge is a unique model offered by bluebird and one of the few recreational vehicle manufactured by the company.

Find A Used BlueBird Wanderlodge Bus For Sale

I had found a very interesting Bluebird Wanderlodge Bus For Sale while I was perusing the net for a bus conversion at the request of a friend of mine looking for a good deal on a rv or camper style motor coach that wouldn’t give out on him over the next 100 miles or so. So I tend to spend a great deal of time pondering decisions. Most might call it procrastination however honestly it’s just a compulsion I have to do things right, get what I want, have it work, and not get ripped over or trip and fall in the process. So I spend a great deal of times researching what I am getting ahead of time and this way I know I can be happy in the end.

So when I friend asks me to find him something (perhaps not excactly a used bluebird wanderlodge bus) of this magnitude I tend to feel obligated to go through the same ordeal I would go through for myself. Sadly this makes for a great deal of long nights reading papers, checking out craigslist, contacting folks over the phone and via email, etc. The good news is that this time I found something early in the evening and decided to make this the bus I checked out for my friends tonight as it was one of my favorites though not exactly what he had in mind I felt it fit the bill somewhat better. Knowing the he is not in the bus industry and does not necessarily know the correct terminology for the motor coach he wants, I took a look liberty here.

The BlueBird Wanderlodge always struck me as an interesting vehicle because I like the bluebird company and feel they manufacture a safe and reliant bus / automobile. However against the grain I the company I feel at least, they produces these series of recreational vehicle bus, in the shape of an rv / camper bus. The bluebird wanderlodge bus always seemed the oddity to me, however I trust the company and feel if they did it, then they must of done the bluebird wanderlodge series bus right!

The Right BlueBird WanderLodge Bus For Sale

I found several to choose from, however the one that caught my eye was manufactured in the late 70’s. The wanderlodge bus for sale was a dark tan or a brown colored exterior of the bus. It had only slightly over 100,000 miles on the engine. It was a 33 foot wanderlodge series bus for sale. It had the propane and butane furnaces for cooking and heating the rv/camper wanderlodge bus. It was loaded with living essentials, kitchen including all the appliances you’d need, microwave! That’s all I need, the microwave, you too right?! I’m just kidding, this bluebird wanderlodge bus had a refrigerator with a freezer, an icemaker, the whole 9. It could sleep 4, sleep 5, or sleep 6 people with a bathroom located conveniently in the center of the used wanderlodge bus. It had a generator, awnings for when parked, battery backups, and ran on the obvious diesel engine. Overall I found this bluebird wanderlodge bus for sale to be a little bit more than my friend had originally requested at somewhat of a similar price range and so I thought this would make a wonderful example of how some research can pay off when buying your bus. I grabbed some photos off the web and printed them out, let’s see if this might be his new bus! I’m totally going on the first trip and I get my own 2 bunks!!

Written by admin on September 2nd, 2010

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