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Crown School Buses, Crown Bus Motor Coach

Posted at 3:45 pm in Antique Bus, School Bus  Comment First!

History of the Crown Coach & Crown Coach Industries

Most popular were of course the Crown SuperCoach, which was Crown’s School Bus Series. There was also the Crown Supercoach series 2 in later years. Crown introduced the first Diesel engine into their Crown School buses in 1955. Crown Coach was based in the west coast out of California. In 1932 Crown introduced the first at the time of what is now referred to as the Flat Nose School Bus or “Type D bus body” which utilizes the Cab-Forward Chassis Design. Amazingly Crown’s first example of the school bus still exists today. Additionally from the years 1951 to 1985 crown produced a different automobile, the fire truck. Their fire truck series of vehicle was referred to as the Crown Firecoach, the crown firecoach was also built on several truck bodies including the Ford C850 and C700 series body. In 1987 General electric purchased Crown coach and proceeded to shut down production of crown coaches in the year 1991 when other industry coach sales began competing by selling cheaper and less costly school buses.

Crown School Bus Specifications

    Crown Models Include

  • Crown Model B-3 School Bus Series.
  • Crown Model D School Bus Series
  • Crown Supercoach School Bus Series
  • Crown Supercoach II School Bus Series
  • Crown School Bus Sales, Crown Firecoach Sales, Used Crown Fire Trucks, Used Crown School Bus

An interesting note about the Crown Supercoach Series II with the N-Body was that it was manufactured to operate off of methanol fuel and contained a Methanol diesel engine which was used by the Detroit Diesel 6v92 series engine in the rear of the bus. This Coach was produced in 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Crown built both highway as well as intercity transit coaches. Crown buses were between 32 and 40 feet length school buses with options of 32 feet, 35 feet, 36 feet, 38 feet and the 40 foot coach. The various chassis configurations offered seating capacities ranging from 33 passenger to 97 passenger which is quite a large capacity for school buses. The crown supercoach introduced in 1948 started the company’s 43 run in the school bus and firetruck industry, the supercoach was produced until 1991 crown buses ceased the C-Body Crown School bus product line. The Supercoach series 2 was begun in 1989 and short lived prodcution continued until the 1991 when the last bus line was manufactured. Crown also produced a line of transit coach known as the Crown Ikarus 416 which was from hungary as well as the Crown Ikarus 286 coach. Crown also built an intercity bus line called the Crown Coachette city bus for two years during 1961 and 1962 the Crown Coachette was sold.

Other Interesting Crown School Bus Facts

Perhaps a little known fact is that the Crown Corporation produced AirCraft from 1925 to 1933 before gaining popularity for their School Buses. Crown school buses used diesel engines including the caterpillar 3207 rear engine in the supercoach 2 series and firecoach series only, the cummins NHH 743 engine and the cummins 855 c.i. engine were also used in crown buses. The cummunis c8.3 rear engine was another alternative for cummins engines placed in crown school buses. And of course the ever popular Detroit diesels were were also used in the various coaches, including the detroit diesel 6v53, the detroit diesel 6n71, the detroit diesel 6v92 and the detroit 8v92. Gasoline engines including the waukesha gasoline engine, the hall-scott engine, the international engine and the ford engine as well. And to go back a little further in Crown’s history, they manafactured federal truck chassis and truck cabs as well as truck bodies in 1910. Specialty coaches manufactured by Crown include a security jail coach that was produced during the 1950’s as well as a mobile command unit coach, the Crown Coach HPO Bookmobile for Apple Valley.

My Thoughts on Crown School Bus Sales

The Crown School Bus is a classic motor coach and an older model school bus that was a popular choice a few decades ago and now considered to be a more classic coach or antique school bus. One of the nicest older crown buses I have seen was a remodeled 1960’s crown school bus. The bus was refitted and remodeled in the early part of 1999 and made it to a converted coach. The passenger seats were removed to make room for an open floor plan in the back of the bus to use as a business vehicle. Certainly a very sharp look school bus to use for the right business venture and certainly a good choice for this gentleman. I have a great fondness for the crown school bus and I have gather a few images from around the web to show you the beauty of the Crown Bus above this paragraph. Many Retired Crown School Buses are still in use today in Mexico as well as by private companies around the united states.

Here is a useful link to find Used Crown School Buses For Sale.

Hopefully you can the an Older Crown Bus that suits your needs as well as looks pretty Sharp! This place also lets you post wanted ads in case they don’t have the right used bus you can appeal to the community to help in yuor search for the right bus.

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

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